Tips When Too Oily Hair

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Oily hair can give the impression of a dirty and under-treated. Though every day is wash: (

The main cause of oily hair (excessive) could be several things, among them are unhealthy diet, too much use of hair care products, while less clean wash, the wrong product, or because of stress experienced.

Whatever the cause, you can really deal with some of the following tricks:

Tips When Too Oily Hair

Shampoo should be used

The first trick, use the formula shampoo specifically made for oily hair 1-2 times a week. Why? because the formula is actually harder than this shampoo will make the hair shaft becomes dry and even more oily scalp. To fix this, as wash every day you should use a daily shampoo alone. The formula is much lighter and focused on clean hair of dirt and dust.

Use conditioner on the hair shaft

Typically, the dry hair is part of the trunk only. So as to better apply the conditioner on the hair shaft. Polar is also the ends of which are usually dry and cracked.

Conditioner is also not allowed to wear excessively. Approximately one teaspoon for long hair, while short and medium hair, just half a teaspoon of it.

Rinse hair longer

There is a possibility that is too oily hair due to lack of clean hair while rinsing. Well, from now until the rinse hair longer hair feel really clean of residue shampoo.

Characteristics of clean hair shampoo, he will not spend much foam and it feels rough and soft.

Limit use of hair care products

Provide maximum hair care does not mean to wear all the same products every day. At least you should have a special schedule that can regulate which products you will use.

For example, the use of serum every 3 days, while the hair tonic once a week, and hairspa every once a month.

Consider eating well

We must also consider the intake of nutrients for the hair to the maximum care not only from the outside, but also from within. Foods that are good for the hair such as: rich in vitamin E and vitamin C, calcium, and protein and zinc.

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