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Walk for 40 minutes three times a week will make the brain’s ability to increase, based on research. How often do you exercise? There have been many people who know the benefits of exercise for physical health and maintain fitness. If it still not be your motivation to incorporate exercise in daily routines, this new research can be a boost for you. Sport was not only beneficial for the health of the body but also intelligence.

Based on a study conducted by The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, as reported by Reader’s Digest, walking for forty minutes three times a week can keep your brain from atrophy, the shrinkage or reduction in the ability of human organs caused by the lack of activity on the part them.

One part of the brain called the hippocampus is the part that is responsible for storing memories, this section will typically have an average atrophy at the age of 55-60 years. But when the people at that age were assigned to exercise forty-minute walk three times a week, the hippocampus, they become more widespread as much as 2 percent.

The opposite occurs, the hippocampus in subjects who do lighter exercise such as yoga or lifting it shrank by 1.4 percent. Both groups made progress on tests of spatial memorial, but subjects who exercise runs have better progress than subjects who exercise less.

The researchers have fun with these findings because it can prevent the effects of aging hippocampus with only mild exercise such as walking. “No need to exercise vigorously,” said Kirk Erickson, a psychologist at the University of Pittsburgh told The New York Times. “We do not want to intimidate people by making them think that they have to be a bodybuilder or to run a marathon,”

With these results, you can help the aging process in the brain to perform routine activities of walking for 40 minutes three times a week. Not only the skin that should receive treatment to prevent aging, the brain You should also get the same treatment to keep your memories for a long time.

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