5 Causes of Face Looks Older

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There are five causes that can make a face older than actual age. The face of aging is a natural thing that definitely will happen to everyone. But in certain circumstances, can a woman look older than his age; even the signs of aging can begin to occur at a young age, such as fine lines around the eyes and lips.

Causes of Face Looks Older

These are the five causes:

1. Biological Clock

No one can resist the natural biological clock cycle. It cannot be rejected, because the skin will have wrinkles, looks relaxed and various other problems. This is natural because the skin’s ability to remain firm would continue to decrease with age.

2. Facial Expressions

This may not be aware, but how your facial expressions will make some fine lines. For example, a person who loves or works with lots of thought, the fine lines on the forehead appear earlier than other parts. Someone who likes to laugh will make the fine lines around the lips.

3. Routine

It has also become something that is often overlooked. For example, how do you sleep position, the more frequently met face with a pillow, then the part that is more prone to wrinkles. Similarly, the habit of drinking with a straw, then the muscles around the lips will work more often so that wrinkles easily emerge.

4. Pull of Gravity

Earth’s gravitational pull toward the bottom will inevitably affect the skin firmness. It is most widely felt someone on the neck and cheek. Of course for the women, the breast is also changing due to gravity. So, it is important for you to wear a bra with the right size to support the breasts.

5. Unhealthy Lifestyle

Indifferent and unconcerned with the daily food intake may be one cause of premature aging person. Including smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables that can provide natural nutrients and antioxidants to ward off a variety of free radicals.

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