5 Aroma Perfumes to Attract Men’s Attention

Aroma Perfume to Attract Men's Attention by Expat Desi Tour Girls

Women usually like to wear soft scented perfume. With this type of fragrance, men usually stand close to her. Not only serves to keep him in order to stay close to his side, women tend to use ‘weapon’ that one is to attract the attention of men. According to the study, the smell of perfume can easily change the mood of a person who was initially too late to be happy. In addition, the perfume can also be a tool to excite men. What kind of perfume to attract the attention of men?

Aroma Perfume to Attract Men's Attention


Vanilla perfume substances believed to contain natural aphrodisiac. This substance is a type of substance that can increase the excitement. In the 17th century, some doctors recommend a lot of men who want to enhance their passion for vanilla scent. According to research conducted by the site AskMen, the sweet smell of vanilla can cause effects pleasure or euphoria. Euphoria is what will enhance sensual mood.


Maybe you’ll read it so frowned. However, in reality a blend of bread and butter is able to produce a very sweet fragrance. Donut aroma emitted from a perfume can make men feel comfortable close to her. No less a vanilla scent, the scent of donuts was able to excite men.

Pumpkin Pie

Try wearing perfume scented pumpkin pie combined with lavender. Do not be surprised if all of a sudden a lot of men will come up to you and want to keep close to you. The aroma is created from the combination of these two elements are able to make a 40% more excited when this smell of your body.


Carried by the fresh scent of citrus fruits proved able to attract the attention of men. Women are without a doubt choose to wear perfume is said to be a woman full of spirit and always cheerful. Approximately 20% of men feel the passion and feeling happy when citrus scent that emanated from his girlfriend.


Apparently there are also some men who liked the smell of this one. The aroma of white flowers also makes some men want to always be close to her. Although very few people who know, gentle aroma that emanated from lily was able to attract the attention of men. Not too much perfume that makes lily as basic materials. However, after this review, you just watch.

Ladies, now do not be shy to wear perfume. Choose one of the above five types of perfume to wear. Get ready approached by many men yes.

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